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Fully Responsive, turn key Website

Responsive web design is a way to make your website more accessible and user friendly, and to maintain its visibility in an ever changing online community. Sites intuitively rearrange or remove content to better accommodate the screen size, resolution, and memory capabilities of the user’s device. This flexibility allows a web page to be fully legible and fully functional on anything from a 27 inch PC screen to a half inch mobile phone display.

Please go to our available packages, and see what best suits your chamber. Every package comes with a website ready to go at no extra cost, just need to setup (addition one time charge), add your pages and ready to go. Included is webhosting, SSL certificate, and domain name renewals. Say goodbye to all that, we look after that for you, as we know you can spend your time better, serving your members. There is an option to have your current website, perhaps just a refresh, or have a new one built, and still be using all the great features that Chamber Star has to offer.

Admin Dashboard

Member Dashboard

committee Dashboard

Committee Dashboard is a valuable feature, as with Chambers, board members change, or volunteers, resulting in information getting lost, or mistaken, from year to year from a previous event. With the committee dashboard, this eliminates this problem, as we are able to setup committees to do project management, project accounting, committee resources upload, and download, as well as print all uploaded resources. This is available to all committee members. The additional feature of a online chat is for committee members to have a meeting or communicate any information for a particular event, or promotion.